Online Research

Use Browser and Notepad side by side to browse online while taking notes, cutting clips from website and dragging them into notepad. Share your notes/ideas with team members by emailing them. Bookmark weblinks by simply dragging them into notepad.

Bug Reporting and Website Annotation

Use Browser and Notepad side by side to point out problems in your website by cutting snapshots, dragging them into notepad, adding highlight and annotation and emailing them to your development team.

Product Design and Note Taking

Sketch software/product design and note take using the Notepad's drawing feature. Highlight and add tooltips with movable pointer. Simply email the result or export as a PDF to be synchronized with computer.

Budget/Scientific Calculation

Use Calculator and Notepad side by side to perform calculation while writing down results. You can easily drag calculation results from Calculator into Notepad and vice versa, removing the need of pen and paper to write down temporary calculation resul.

Photo Annotating

Import photo from library into notepad and annotate them with highlight and tooltips. Send them to your friends or coleage when you're done.